[VIDEO] The next PUSKAS Award could go to Mark Hartmann for this goal

Sarawak’s no.10 Mark Hartmann is quickly rising to become a striker to look out for, especially after his stellar performance last night.

Mark Hartmann scored a hattrick in the Sarawak vs MISC MIFA match, during the FA Cup round 2 playoffs. The match was held at the Stadium Negeri, Kuching.

Of the three goals that Hartmann scored, one of them was so incredibly superb that he could very well be on the next batch of PUSKAS nominees.

From a corner kick, taken by Hartmann himself, the ball was cleared by a MISC-MIFA defender, but a prompt stop and deliver from his teammate managed to find him on the left flank. Hartmann’s curling effort found the back of the net, even though he was outside the box.

Watch it here:

Hartmann has scored an average of 5 goals in 5 appearances in the Malaysia Super League (MSL). He was also responsible for causing Penang FA’s fourth consecutive loss last Saturday as he scored Sarawak’s only goal that night.

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