“Perosak Bola Sepak Penang Sila Berambus” – Penang fans to Zairil

Penang FA fans have shown time and again that they will not be silenced when something is bothering them.

They made headlines with the protest of the new Penang jersey, and then for verbally abusing Penang goalkeeper Syed Adney after their first Super League defeat. Now, they are in the news again for protesting the appointment of Penang Bukit Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari as Penang FA’s new team manager.

Almost a hundred Penang fans gathered yesterday (February 6th) to voice their dissatisfaction against Zairil’s new position to head Penang FA. The crowd was led by the Ultra Panthers fan club, Zamzuri Ibrahim.

The angry mob repeatedly chanted “Undur Zairil”, while their banners read “Perosak Bola Sepak Penang Sila Berambus” and “Sign Import Tiada Standard.”

Apart from being displeased about Zairil heading the Football Association of Penang, the fans also showed their disapproval against Penang’s head coach, former English footballer, Ashley Westwood. Penang FA has suffered three consecutive losses under Westwood, since the Malaysia Super League kicked off in January.

“We are very disappointed. We have never experienced three straight losses before. Zairil is certainly not fit to lead the state football.” a furious Zamzuri told NST. He also voiced concerns about Ashley Westwood’s methods, seeing that he has failed to bring the team together.

“Don’t bring your European culture here. This is Malaysia football and you need to fully understand each and every player,” he said.

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