Goku named ambassador for Tokyo 2020

Dragon ball Z’s Goku has been announced as a 2020 Tokyo Olympics ambassador.

Goku will be joining a host of other Japanese ambassadors like Naruto Uzumaki from the Naruto series, Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, Sailor Moon, and Astro Boy.

This comes as little surprise, as Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has announced that the Japanese culture would play an integral role in the 2020 Olympics. Since Japan is known for its manga and anime obsession, there is no better selection than some of their best known anime characters in the world.

Son Goku, especially, spent the most of his life training in martial arts, which symbolises handwork and dedication to become a world-class athlete.

Shinzo Abe also mentioned that he wanted to attract the younger crowd for the 2020 Olympics, although he hopes it will bring people from all walks of life together. In fact, the prime minister even made an appearance at the Rio Olympics closing ceremony as Super Mario.

Japan last hosted the Olympics in 1964, and they will be hosting it again 60 years later in 2020.

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