All-Girl Dota 2 team ‘GG’ emerge champions of Southeast Asia

Move aside, boys. Malaysian female team Grills Gaming (GG) recently made heads turn in the e-sports scene after winning the Female SEA League (FSL) 4 last Sunday.

The team defeated DIA from Thailand 2-1 in the grand finals following an intense match.

GG consists of captain Stephanie ‘auroraa’ Lim, Bette ‘istarx’ Chia, Tiffani ‘Oling’ Lim, Wei Sian ‘TimunSama’ Wong and Nicole ‘Catosauraus’ Lim.

The team was formed in 2015 and back then it was known as team ‘Half-Bloods’. The team went through numerous roster changes with Nicole and Bette being the latest additions to the squad.

“Over the years I’ve played in many female teams, and more often than not it’s plagued with issues. First you have the attitude problems, as girls have the tendency to overreact to criticism, hindering team improvement in games.” Tiffany told Stadium Astro when asked about the lack of female teams in e-sports.

“That aside, it’s tough to find girls who share the same goals and vision, it’s just too easy to let the attention get to your head before you actually achieve anything. Then you need to consider commitments such as studies and work, also the geographical factor, if you can play or train together on LAN.” she added.

“For the longest time we were hard pressed to find five like-minded and skilled girls to join our team, yet we kept stubbornly clinging on to our pride that it has to be a full-female lineup.”

“So now you know why there are so few female teams out there, and thus why this champion title means so much to each of us.”

Tiffany also recalled the moment of victory, when five of them screamed in ecstasy as they defeated their opponent. She called it the “most unforgettable moment in [my] life”.

Each member of Grills Gaming will receive a router sponsored by Linksys and a set of gaming gears sponsored by Creative Blaster X.

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