Dr. Vida to rescue KAFA with #BantuDSBantuKAFA beauty carnival

Dr. Vida is very concerned about Kelantan Football Association’s (KAFA) financial fiasco, and she wants to step in to help so the team don’t have to withdraw from the league.

However, Dr. Vida’s help is conditional. She will only offer financial aid if KAFA and fans will help sell her beauty products from Vida Beauty Sdn Bhd through the Pamoga Qu Puteh carnival.

If agreed, Dr. Vida will impart 20% of her profits from the carnival to KAFA. KAFA is in dire need of at least RM 15 million to compete in the league.

“The way I see it, it’s a win-win situation. I get to sell my products, and KAFA gets the funds they need.” Dr. Vida said. “If the carnival is a success, we can tour all over Malaysia to help raise funds for KAFA, so they don’t have to withdraw from the Malaysia League.” she added.

Dr. Vida assures everyone that her company is ready to organise the carnival. She has also planned a #BantuDSBantuKAFA social media campaign to advocate the carnival.

“I want to see Kelantan fans buying the Vida Beauty products using the hashtag to help out their team. They can do it via Facebook or Instagram”. Dr. Vida clarified.

“Kelantan has exceptional fans, I’m sure we can do this!”

Well, you guys, you know what to do!


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