AFF Suzuki Cup

Myanmar vs Malaysia: 5 players to watch

It’s do or die for Malaysia this Saturday as they take on the hosts, Myanmar at the Thuwanna Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar. We’ve seen our fair of both Malaysia and Myanmar in action and we know what both teams are capable of.

As a precursor to the match this Saturday, here are some players that we think you should look out for:

Amri Yahyah 

Photo: ESPN
Photo: ESPN

This is the man who leads by example. He makes things happen rather than just waiting. He didn’t let the team down when they needed him most – he scored two goals in their first game against Cambodia. In the second game, he created chances for his team mates and never gave up till the whistle went off.

Amri could be our special weapon this Saturday, he is hardworking and experienced, and if anyone can tear the opponents down it’s this guy.

Ronny Harun 

If you told me this guy was De Gea’s twin, I’d believe you after the match yesterday. Not because of physical resemblance, but his ball-clearing prowess. Heck, we’re going to call him Ronny Wall. His positioning was spot-on, he was right there cancelling out possible shots by Vietnamese players.

While we work on our defences for the impending match, Ronny is a vital asset at the back, lending Khairul Fahmi the assistance he needs.

Syazwan Zainon

Photo: Zing News
Photo: Zing News

Incredible work rate at the #MASvVIE game. Just like his captain, he was relentless in trying to work some magic for the team. He scored Malaysia’s first Suzuki Cup goal, and his performance on the left flank was impressive in their second game. One of the few players who put your on the edge of your seat, he makes it really interesting to watch!

Zaw Min Tun 

This defender Zaw Min Tun scored twice in the span of five minutes and he has knack for brilliant headers. A player who knows how to be at the right place at the right time, and get ahead of his markers is a grave danger to Malaysia, so we need to get our defences to be impervious and bullet-proof.

Aung Thu 


If there’s one player Malaysia should look out for, it’s probably this guy. Aung Thu is another player with incredible work rate. After Zaw Min Tun’s goals put Myanmar ahead of Cambodia, he never stopped. He was still seen scampering around the box, either creating chances or firing shots to get himself on the scoresheet. Eventually, his efforts paid off as his goal put Myanmar comfortably ahead of Cambodia at 3-1.

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