MMA fighter Pimblett claims he threw up hot chocolate, not blood

Liverpool based MMA fighter Paddy Pimblett had just finished a crucial fight at the London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Reporters approached him in the ring to ask him a few questions about his next training plans. While answering, Pimblett stopped abruptly to throw up a dark-coloured substance. It appeared to look like blood, but Pimblett rubbished those claims. He said it was merely the hot chocolate and Ferrero Rocher that he had earlier.

“I’d like to thank everyone for all the kind messages asking about my health. I didn’t spew blood – it was hot chocolate and Ferraro Rocher I’d consumed.”

Fans have been flooding his social media pages with messages of concern, and Pimblett has said that they have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Photo via Cage Warriors
Photo via Cage Warriors

“Even on my worst day I got the job done it’s that simple! Seeing some very uneducated fans chat s*** is just embarrassing, can’t do wrong from doing right in this sport no matter what.” the 21-year old vented.

We don’t know why you’re denying, Paddy, because blood sure sounds more hardcore than chocolate!

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