Qatar’s ban on alcohol interferes with FIFA’s main sponsor, Budweiser

Qatar has said that it will maintain its ban on public consumption of alcohol, according to the 2022 World Cup officials.

The host country also took to Twitter to clarify that, “No alcohol in the Qatar World Cup … We will organise the World Cup in accordance with the country’s customs and traditions.” 

Qatar has a very strict policy concerning alcohol, people are prohibited from consuming alcohol in public spaces, although it is available in hotels. They will also impede the sale of alcohol outside the stadium and its vicinity.

Photo: Proven Quality
Photo: Proven Quality

However, this is in conflict with FIFA’s main sponsors, American beer Budweiser. It might also not agree with the fans who will hail from all over the world to watch the world cup.

Even back in Brazil, FIFA had to request the host country to lift their ban on drinking inside the stadiums, and Brazil complied. We’re not sure Qatar will oblige, though.

“We do respect the customs and culture of the country,” Fatma Samoura, FIFA Secretary General said. “The last thing FIFA would like to be accused of is that it does not pay attention to these kind of customs.”

Hm.. What will Budweiser say about this?

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