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Former Germany goalkeeper Tim Wiese makes WWE debut as ‘The Machine’

Who knew the WWE could also be a retirement place for footballers, apart from the MSL?

Former Germany goalkeeper Tim Wiese has stepped into the world of wrestling as he made his debut appearance on Thursday night.

Tim Wiese was ‘spotted’ by none other than The Game himself, Triple H. Wiese made his debut right at home in Germany, and the crowd seemed to love seeing their former goalkeeper in the ring.

Wiese, now known as The Machine, was featured alongside partners Cesaro and Sheamus. Call it beginner’s luck; The Machine won his first ever match after beating the team of The Shining Stars and Bo Dallas.

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

It was no easy task, switching from goalkeeping to a WWE star. The 34-year old German went through months of rigorous training programs to prepare himself for the show.

“As a former elite professional athlete, Tim knows what it takes to focus on a goal and go all-out to achieve it.” executive Vice President of talent and live events Triple H said of Wiese.

All the best to Tim Wiese in his new career. Perhaps one of these days we’ll also see Casillas or Buffon switching over to pro wrestling?

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