Harry Potter fans, Malaysia’s Quidditch team wants you to join them!

Did you grow up watching Harry Potter and was extremely fascinated by Quidditch? Were you relentlessly yearning and day-dreaming that you’ll get a chance to play it one day? Do you go through your day wishing that someone will host a Quidditch game right here in PJ?

Well your wish has come true!

Our local Quidditch team, the Damansara Dementors, are putting together a Quidditch game for everybody. Whether you’re a pro, or never played Quidditch before in your life, the Dank Quidditch Tournament is going to be a tournament you’ll never forget.

Photo: Malaysia Quidditch Association
Photo: Malaysia Quidditch Association

All you have to do is head over to their Dank Quidditch Tournament events page and sign up before the 14th of November. Don’t worry if you’re alone, you will be assigned into teams later on.

The tournament will take place at the BU Community Centre Field, 19th of November (Saturday), 7.30 am. Registration fee is only RM 20! All you have to do is show up and be prepared for a whole lot of fun.

To keep abreast of Quidditch tournaments in Malaysia, follow the Malaysia Quidditch Association on Facebook.