Velizar Popov makes U-turn, set to leave Kelantan this year

Kelantan boss Velizar Popov has publicly announced his decision to depart Kelantan FA at the end of this season, officially making a U-turn on his initial decision to extend his contract, as announced by KAFA last month.

The Bulgarian coach to took Facebook to explain his last move, claiming the KAFA’s financial issues, coupled with the absence of a concrete offer on paper, played a huge role in his decision to leave Kota Bharu this year.

“Unfortunately, one month (September 25-October 21) after our positive meeting about the new season and the possible extension of my contract, there has been no agreement due to the difficult financial situation of the club, cause by sponsors and the non-fulfillment of their contractual obligations.

Photo Credit: Velizar Popov (Facebook)
Photo Credit: Velizar Popov (Facebook)

“In a situation like this, without a financial guarantee, it’s impossible to plan and execute for the future. Patience is important, but at the end of the day, I’m a professional and I must follow certain fundamental principles in my job. You should never lower your standards to accommodate club/sponsors/managements/players who refuse to raise their standards,” he added.

Popov’s decision comes as a minor shock, considering KAFA went gung ho by announcing their plans to retain him and bolster the squad, last month. But to a large extend, their financial difficulties doesn’t seem surprising. Speculations have long suggested that sponsors like Datuk Vida, have not been fulfilling their contractual obligations.

In fact, her recent GST scandal appears to have instigated more rumours, with many claiming that KAFA have been left in a limbo, just as they were looking to plan for next season. But this news effectively confirms that things will continue to look bleak for Kelantan fans, for the time being.

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