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Cristiano Ronaldo is losing his fans because of this Instagram photo

The Real Madrid forward posted an Instagram photo of him and Gautama Buddha yesterday, with the caption “Bom Dia” or “Good morning”. The only problem is that one of his leg was placed on the base of the Buddha statue.

The photo also appeared on his Facebook page. While some of his fans brushed it off, a large chunk of them are absolutely furious and inconsolable. The photo on Facebook has almost 60,000 people who reacted with the “angry” button.

Photo: Facebbok @Cristiano
Photo: Facebook @Cristiano

Meanwhile, his Instagram photo was also deluged with comments from his unhappy fans, despite the 1.7 million like it garnered.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

Gautama Buddha is the father of Buddhism and his statue is widely regarded as a holy symbol. We’re sure he meant no disrespect, but someone like Cristiano, who has fans from every corner of the world (or perhaps his social media manager, Marisa Mendes) should know better than to post a photo like that social media.

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