Misbun Sidek: We might never produce another Lee Chong Wei

“We may not have another Lee Chong Wei even in the next 10 to 15 years.”

Brutal but truthful words from our former national badminton coach, Datuk Misbun Sidek.

“Chong Wei is special because he worked very hard to on specific techniques, patterns, and had very good preparation.” he told Kosmo Online. Datuk Misbun also added the younger generation are coddled and not willing to put in the required work, which is why they fail to handle the pressure when thrust into an intensive training program.

Photo: Straits times
Photo: Straits times

What about talent?

According to the ex-national coach, a large chunk of Malaysia’s young talents are usually lost when introduced to development programs. The intensity of these programs are often too much for these young talents – all of whom have been accustomed to normal schooling hours.

“In the end, many of them just quit,” he added.

What are your thoughts? What will it take to produce the next Chong Wei?


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