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Man Utd legend Eric Cantona has revealed his favourite Malaysian foods!

He was once the ‘King’ of Old Trafford, but Eric Cantona undoubtedly has a knack of receiving royal-esque reception, everywhere he goes!

The United legend was down in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, as part of a YES 4G campaign and he took some time out of his schedule to meet adoring fans, besides providing impeccable –  and sometimes hilarious – responses to a variety of questions about his career in the Premier League.

But Cantona was also handed several questions about Malaysia, including the customary question about local delicacies. To the surprise of many, the ex-French international did not hesitate in listing his favourite Malaysian dishes, including keropok lekor!

Photo Credit: YES 4G
Photo Credit: YES 4G

“I like karipap, kerepok lekor and satay, and a host of local food here. I also like the weather, though it is humid. “I consider Malaysia my second home,” Cantona told fans, yesterday.

While you could understand his fascination for karipap and satay – both of which are generally liked by the masses – his love for keropok lekor does come as a complete surprise. The fish cracker snack is known to only appeal to certain pockets of the Malaysian society, due to it’s erratic smell, but Cantona now appears to be a fan!

Considering he likes keropok lekor, one can only wonder if he’d also like budu and cencaluk?!

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