Rio 2016

#Rio2016: Lochte, Feigen to be indicted for false report?

Brazilian police have recommended that United States swimmer Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen be indicted for false reporting of a crime.

According to a local news source in Rio, authorities found out that both of the athletes manipulated their statement regarding the alleged armed robbery.

“There isn’t a robbery as claimed by the aforementioned swimmers,” said the civil police chief, Fernando Veloso in a press conference.

According to Veloso, if found guilty, the athletes will be sentenced to prison for 6 months or receive a fine.

The whole fiasco started when Lochte claimed he and his teammates were robbed using a gun, but the story turned out to be false when CCTV footage showed otherwise.

The 12-time Olympic medallist allegedly vandalised the washroom door at a gas station, causing him to fabricate the robbery as a cover-up.

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