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Twitter explodes as Singaporean swimmer beats Michael Phelps

Joseph Schooling. Yes, that’s a name that will go down in Singapore’s history.

In 2008, Schooling was pictured in photo with Phelps, standing beside his idol when he was just 13 years-old. Eight years later, the Singaporean star officially ended Phelps’ bid to clinch 23 gold medals, by winning the 100m butterfly event, setting an Olympic record along the way.

Despite fierce competition from Phelps, Schooling clinched gold with a time of 50.39 seconds, with the American swimmer finishing second with a time of 51.14 seconds. Despite that, the 21 year-old was rather modest about his heroic feat.

“It’s like a dream come true. I’m really honored and privileged to have swam alongside these great names, people that have changed the face of our sport. I need this to sink in,” he was quoted as saying by Channel News Asia.
His friends and family were eagerly watching the event in Singapore and celebration massively as soon as it emerged that Schooling had achieved the impossible feat of beating Phelps.

But the bigger celebration happened online, as proud Singaporeans flooded on Twitter to share their excitement!

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