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‘Green’ pool won’t be a hazard for athletes, claims FINA

The organising committee of the Rio Olympics diving events claims that they have found a solution regarding the green coloured pool, even though it has remained the same till today.

In further updates, the international governing body of aquatics, FINA has released a statement saying the colour change will not be harmful to the athletes, despite some sceptical views from water quality experts.

According to FINA, the waters transformed to green from blue due to the depletion of several water treatment chemicals in the tank, causing athletes difficulties to locate their partners after a dive.

Photo credit: Wall Street Journal
Photo credit: Wall Street Journal

The water polo pool at the same venue is also slowly undergoing a similar transformation as the diving pool.

“The change of colours was caused by the waters’ abnormal pH levels.

“FINA’s Sports Medical Committee has conducted some tests and concluded that the waters will not be harmful to athletes and there shouldn’t be an excuse to postpone the competition,” said FINA.

Diving athletes was shocked to find out that their competition venue has received a ‘makeover’ on Tuesday, prompting the likes of Britain’s Tom Daley to share the shocking change in social media.


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