Zainal Abidin: I’m surprised Selangor sacked me

Former Selangor head coach Zainal Abidin Hassan has admitted that he was surprised when receiving the news of his sacking because there were no warnings given prior to the incident.

However, Zainal Abidin has accepted the decision that was announced by the Football Association of Selangor (FAS) and is willing to move on and start something new soon.

“That is their right if they choose not to use my services. They did not warn me beforehand so I was kind of surprised when they just sacked me,” Zainal said as quoted by Sinar Harian.

Photo Credit: AFC
Photo Credit: AFC

The reason for Zainal Abidin’s dismissal was mainly because of the run of poor performances of the Red Giants and the line was drawn after losing their fourth straight league match.

The likes of Andik Vermansyah and Ahmad Hazwan Bakri have not been involved in the past few matches and Selangor had to depend only on Patrick Ronaldinho to bang in the goals.

“I do not like giving excuses but in reality, a number of players have been suffering injuries. The odds were not in our favour yet we were still in a good position in the league.

Photo Credit: AFC official website
Photo Credit: AFC official website

“When there are injuries, there will be changes which can result into misunderstanding.

Zainal Abidin was replaced by K. Gunalan as temporary head coach until the season ends.

Selangor were eliminated for the group stage of the AFC Cup, knocked out of the FA Cup in the second round and have only won seven out of 17 matches in the Malaysia Super League.

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