Bernhardt’s players didn’t notice ‘slapping’ incident

None of the players in Frank Bernhardt’s 2017 SEA Games Squad Project were aware of their coach’s alleged sidelines aggression against an official, claims one of the squad members.

The player who requested to be anonymous was shocked to find out about the incident after watching the footage, which happened during their 1-0 lost against Japanese club, Shonan Bellmare.

“The match was stopped for a while during that time but everything happened so fast so none of us were aware of it. I was playing in that game but I wasn’t near where it happened.

Photo credit: Youtube
Photo credit: Youtube

“Besides that, none of the players were talking about it when we are on our way back to Malaysia, until we saw the video on Youtube. The official seemed to be fine and normal when we went back to the team hotel.

“The footage is a shocking revelation but we know Bernhardt as a coach that prefers to win, so he might just be overly passionate during that match,” he told Harian Metro yesterday.

A report surfaced yesterday that FAM might take action against the German coach, after a Youtube video titled ‘rude Malaysia u22 coach’ showed Bernhardt waving his hand to an official in a hitting motion.

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