OKS ‘shocked’ by news of Safiq and Aidil’s international retirement

Malaysian national team boss Datuk Ong Kim Swee has expressed his shock at hearing the news of Safiq Rahim and Aidil Zafuan’s decision to retire from international football.

Both JDT players released a statement on Johor Southern Tigers’ official Facebook page yesterday, announcing their decision to pull out of future national team commitments.

Safiq and Aidil both claim that they’re looking to pave the way for younger players to take their spots, though as far as Ong is concerned, it’s a ‘waste’.

“Of course, I’m surprised by Aidil and Safiq’s decision to retire from international football. But at the same time, I’m sure it’s a decision they made after thinking through it thoroughly,” Ong said through a statement that was released by Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

Photo Credit: My News Hub
Photo Credit: My News Hub

“To me it’s such a waste, really. But if this is their final decision, then we have to respect it. At the same time, we have to actively think and source for candidates to replace them in the national team set-up,” he added.

However, the 45 year-old did insist that he would be happy to include them in his plans, should they change their minds at some point in future.

“If circumstances change and they both decide to change their minds, I’d be happy to accept them, depending on their form and fitness levels at that juncture,” he concluded.

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