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Euro 2016 Tips: #BestBets with Patrick Kinghorn – England vs Iceland

England will understandably start favorites but I simply cannot trust Roy Hodgson to get the big calls right and at the prices they have to be opposed.

If reports Raheem Sterling is starting are correct, this may be the beginning of the end of the England manager’s reign regardless of the result in Nice. So far Hodgson has failed to find a way to beat Russia and Slovakia with their sole win against Wales coming with the kind of ‘last throw of the dice’ management a 12 year old playing FIFA 16 would resort to.

With a one goal start on the Asian line, Iceland can be competitive against a team that has already struggled to both get and protect a lead over the last fortnight.

Graphic Credit: Soccerway
Graphic Credit: Soccerway

#BestBets – England vs Iceland = ICELAND +1 on ASIAN HANDICAP

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