“An open letter to Tunku Ismail”

Three-time Asian British Parliamentary (ABP) Debating Championship best speaker Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman has voiced out his concerns to Tunku Ismail ibni Sultan Ibrahim, after the labourer who insulted The Regent of Johor on Facebook was sentenced to jail for a year.

The labourer, Muhammad Amirul, will spend a year behind bars after The Sessions Court charged him with 14 counts of posting insulting comments towards Tunku Ismail. The 19 year-old will serve 14 sentences concurrently from the date of arrest, which was April 28.

Photo Credit: The Malay Mail
Photo Credit: The Malay Mail

“I agree with your (Tunku Ismail) stance on freedom of speech and you have always proved that no one can ever tell us what not to say. I admire you for everything that you have done, especially when we are up against injustice,” Syed Saddiq said as quoted by Malaysiakini.

“I am aware that you had expressed your disagreement with the actions of the police regarding this matter. The statement released by you meant a lot to the people of Johor.

Syed Saddiq then went on to praise the Johor Darul Ta’azim (JDT) owner for setting an example to the people of Johor after everything he has done for the southern state.

Photo Credit: Syed Saddiq
Photo Credit: Syed Saddiq

“Muhammad Amirul was sentenced to jail for a year after pleading guilty to all charges. I do not deny that his action was the right thing to do, but the freedom of expression should not be restricted because his comments to The Regent of Johor were deemed offensive.

“As a Johorean, I urge you to forgive Amirul and do whatever it takes to ensure his freedom.

“I hope that you will prove to the country yet again that you are a man of your word. You need to be the leader that you are by being the bigger and better person. You have saved many Malaysians from corruption, so please save another one,” Syed Saddiq concluded.

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