VIDEO: Muhammad ‘Greatest Ever’ Ali’s 10 Best Knockouts!

Shockwaves were sent across the world earlier today after it was confirmed that boxing great Muhammad Ali had passed away aged 74.

The boxing icon has been suffering from a respiratory illness, which was significantly amplified by his Parkinson’s disease as well. He was admitted into a hospital on Thursday, though a statement from his family confirmed Ali’s death earlier today.

Fans from all over the globe have flooded into Twitter and Facebook to share their thoughts and tributes have been flowing in every second, since the news officially broke a couple of hours ago.

This also means that the entire weekend will probably be spent mourning, as far as Ali fans are concerned. There are plenty of videos, stories and graphics out there for you to indulge in and reminisce his amazing career and personality.

That said, we’ve attached an incredible video below – one that compiles his 10 best knockouts on the boxing ring. He was an incredible person, as a whole. But Muhammad Ali was best known for his on-ring exploits. So go ahead and celebrate his greatest memories!

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