VIDEO: Aditya_reds unveils brilliant new Mourinho video ahead of MUFC move

If you’re a United fan, chances are that you’re aware of Aditya_reds’ Youtube channel. The India-based compilation afficionado has been regularly producing compilation videos involving United, though he’s currently working on a tribute video for Leicester City.

But in the midst of it all, Aditya still managed to produce a brand new video on Jose Mourinho, who is expected to be announced as Man United’s new manager in the next 48 hours. In less than a day, the video has raked in over 36k views on YouTube and that number is expected to increase.

It’s not surprising either. The video brilliantly captures what Mourinho’s arrival means for United besides featuring several fitting quotes from Sir Alex. Fans may be skeptical about Mourinho’s arrival, but even his strongest critics would agree that he’s a winner!

Check out the amazing video below!

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