FAP to decide Jacksen Tiago’s fate next week

Penang head coach Jacksen F. Tiago as well as four of his foreign players (Cordoba, Griffiths, Lobo, Ikpefua) will have endure another week before finding out their fate at the club because of the postponement of the Football Association of Penang (FAP) EXCO meeting.

The date has not been set and and the number of players that will be dropped is undecided.

“This meeting will take place next week and will be officiated by FAP president Datuk Seri Nazir Ariff. We will discuss matters regarding the fate of Jacksen Tiago and all of his foreign players,” Penang team manager Mohd Azizudin Shariff said as quoted by Berita Harian.

“What I can say is at least one player will definitely be released from the Penang team.

Photo Credit: FAP
Photo Credit: FAP

Despite Jacksen Tiago being rested by the Penang FA last month, he still has a contract with the club until November and is required to submit match reports and perform analyses.

“I was informed that FAP will decide my fate during the EXCO meeting,” Jacksen Tiago said.

Jacksen Tiago, who used to coach the Indonesian national team, guided The Panthers to the Malaysia Super League (MSL) this season after finishing behind Malaysia Premier League (MPL) winners Kedah in 2015. He was replaced by his assistant, Manzoor Azwira.

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