“FMLLP, make it RM40!” – Khairy slams ticket prices for FA Cup final

Youth and Sports minister Khairy Jamaluddi has urged Football Malaysia LLP (FMLLP) to reduce the ticket price for the FA Cup final this weekend, claiming that RM50 is a little too expensive.

“This is what we don’t want, when a management is privatized and things don’t become accesible for public. We need to take this seriously because we have a duty to local football fans,” he told Bernama.

Photo Credit: Berita Harian online
Photo Credit: Berita Harian online

“It was a decision made by FMLLP but there are FAM (Football Association of Malaysia) representatives within the panel,” he proclaimed.

“Hence, during the FAM Exco’s meeting tomorrow, they can inform FMLLP to reduce the price of the tickets to RM40 instead of the current RM50 price tag while also including a kid’s category ticket as practiced prior to this” he explained.

That being said, the price is unlikely to go down, considering that tickets are set to officially go on sale today.

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