Why Kedah FA rejected D’Herbs RM30 million sponsorship deal

The Kedah Football Association (KFA) announced a surprising decision to reject the RM30 million sponsorship deal offered by D’Herbs Healthy founder Datuk Aliff Syukri yesterday.

According to Kedah Youth, Sports and Culture chairman Datuk Aminuddin Omar, the management committee chose not to sign the agreement due to a number of terms.

The state association decided to terminate the sponsorship deal with D’Herbs Healthy because Datuk Aliff Syukri Kamarzaman requested two lots of land (lot 2719 & lot 2720) up to 150 acres in the Pokok Sena district which is worth approximately RM80 million.

Meanwhile, Aliff Syukri has issued his own response through Facebook, claiming that he’ll explain the entire situation soon. He also urged fans to avoid speculating on failure of the deal to go through.

“I am disappointed because the announcement was made out of a sudden without my knowledge at all, which I think is unfair,” Aliff Syukri said on his official Facebook page.

“I will announce more in a press conference in the near future,” he concluded.

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