Datuk Vida to retract her sponsorship deal with Kelantan?

Datuk Seri Dr. Hasmiza Othman, or more fondly known as Datuk Vida, has confirmed that she could potentially retract her current sponsorship deal with Malaysian side, Kelantan FA.

Rumours on social media have suggested that Datuk Vida is looking to pull the plug, judging by Kelantan’s inconsistencies in the MSL, this season.

But Datuk Vida herself has confirmed that she’s evaluating her options now, claiming that Kelantan’s poor performance has affected the sales of her products.

Photo Credit: The Star online
Photo Credit: The Star online

“I am not denying the rumour. I’m an entrepreneur. I want the product that I’m selling to be effective and helpful to the team,” the owner of cosmetic company, Pamoga Qu Puteh told Sinar Harian.

“When they perform poorly, my sales goes down. So how am I to pay the players’ salaries,” she added.

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