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“Chong Wei isn’t how he used to be” – Hendrawan

National badminton ace, Datuk Lee Chong Wei is not the only person under pressure ahead of this year’s Rio Olympics.

Chong Wei’s coach, Hendrawan believes that he has a difficult job of getting the shuttler to peak in time for Rio, pointing out that the former world number one has gone through a decline over the years.

“This is not an easy job for me. Malaysians still expect Chong Wei to play like how he used to do during his peak periods, but they need to know that his situation is a lot different now,” he told Sinar Harian.

Photo Credit: The Star online
Photo Credit: The Star online

With less than four months left till the Olympics, the 43 year-old has promised to give everything he has to help Chong Wei train and prepare for the ultimate possibility of winning gold.

“We will work hard in the remaining four months and focus on training sessions,” he added.

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