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“Malaysian sports schools should recognize motorsports”

Adam Norrodin took Malaysia by storm after a strong showing at the Argentina Grand Prix as well as a 6th place finish at the USA Grand Prix last Saturday.

However, Adam’s father, Mohd Norrodin Jalil, wishes to see his son sit for the ‘Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia’ examination, before entirely focusing his time on motorsports.

Adam, who was supposed to sit for the examination last year, was unable to do so due to his motorsports career, as he spent most of his time in Spain competing in various races.

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But as far as Norrodin Jalil is concerned, the situation would have been a lot more different had sports schools in Malaysia recognized motorsports and its athletes.

“If my son was allocated a spot in a sports school, the situation would’ve been different because the timetable allocated by the school is usually suitable for athletes,” he told Utusan Malaysia.

“But in the absence of those privileges, it made things difficult for me as a father. I had to constantly explain to his school teachers about his absence from classes,” he explained.

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“Adam isn’t only sacrificing his future by not sitting for SPM, but his life is also at stake during races,” he added.

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