Yee Han earns praises from Lin Dan despite Malaysian Open loss

They say encouraging words from a professional has an immediate effect on one’s performance, hopefully national shuttler Chong Yee Han will be able to step up a few notches this time after being complimented by Chinese powerhouse Lin Dan after their match in the Malaysian Open yesterday.

Yee Han stumbled upon the top gun in the opening round and was ultimately defeated in two straight sets 10-21 and 15-21 at the Melawati Stadium last night.

Nonetheless, Lin Dan stated that the Malaysian’s performance was praiseworthy and urged him to gain more exposure considering that he has the talent.

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“I never knew who was Yee Han before this. However, I did watch his match against Kenichi Tago (Japan) in the qualifying rounds yesterday,” said Lin Dan as quoted from Berita Harian.

“I was impressed with his style and pattern when he played against Tago and also when he played against me. A lot of people might think I won the match easily but the main thing is that he lacks exposure.”

“He needs more exposure and more chances to play in championships.”

In fact, Yee Han did not take the top seed’s word for granted. “I learned a lot from this match. This was a valuable experience for me. He has such amazing skills.”


When a legend speaks, we listen. Lin Dan has been labelled as one of the top professionals in the industry and has seen and played against raw talents for as long as he can remember. Only a player would know what is lacking in the sport and from a professional’s point of view, Lin Dan feels that Chong Yee Han lacks exposure and I believe this is a leaping board for the Badminton Association of Malaysia to start drilling rookies even further as talents are yet to come out of their boxes. If Lin Dan can see it, why can’t we?

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