VIDEO: Shane McMahon pulled off an INSANE stunt at the #WrestleMania

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) held its annual pay-per-view event known as WrestleMania in Texas last night, and boy oh boy did it explode incredibly!

WWE is known for its over-the-top theatrics but what that was described as outrageous stunt, happened during the 32nd edition of WrestleMania as Shane McMahon, who was fighting against The Undertaker, decided to jump off a steel cell, over 20 feet above the ground.

However, his hopes of finishing off The Undertaker vanished as The Undertaker managed to avoid Shane’s massive attempt, causing him to plummet right into the announcer’s table.

After receiving medical attention, McMahon was carted out of the arena while giving a thumbs up to the crowd from his stretcher.

The epic incident can be witnessed in the video below!


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