Best Twitter reactions after Gary Neville’s Valencia sacking

Remember when Real Madrid sacked Rafa Benitez after being seven months in charge of the team and the social media went nuts about it?

Well, he’s not the only manager to have a short stay in the La Liga as Gary Neville was sacked from Valencia just after four months of handling the team.

Indeed, Neville’s appointment was rather shocking but what was even more shocking was how bad the team was during his reign. The team only had three wins in 16 league matches and how can we forget the 7-0 demolition by the Catalan Giants Barcelona. Their Europa League exit to Athletic Bilbao definitely tarnished the team’s image of being one of the competitive top teams.

However, nobody expected the Manchester United legend to only last for four months (or did you?)

The social media was not quiet at all regarding the news either.


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