Datuk Vida to launch her very own ‘DSV’ football league?

Kelantan FA sponsor Datuk Seri Dr. Hasmiza Othman, or more fondly known as Datuk Vida, will be launching a domestic league under her own name with hopes of promoting and increasing the number of footballing talents in Kelantan.

The ‘Datuk Seri Vida’ league will most likely be launched in May and will consist of two categories – under-21 and the open category.

However, Datuk Vida says that specific details regarding the domestic league still requires fine-tuning from the Kelantan Football Association (KAFA) before its final structure can be officially revealed the public.

Photo Credit: The Malay Mail
Photo Credit: The Malay Mail

“I want to further improve the state of football in Kelantan so that more youngsters will have interest in the sport. We expect every region in the state to have their own football team,” Dr. Vida told Berita Harian.

“The under-21 league will be expected to run for 2 months while the open league will most likely run until October.

“The prizes will definitely be very attractive which would help amplify the interests in it. Maybe civil servants, NGOs or even regional football teams will be more interested in competing,” she explained.

Photo Credit: Malaysia Gazette
Photo Credit: Malaysia Gazette

As much as RM1 million, from the total RM8 million that was promised to KAFA, will be allocated for the purpose of running this league – something that’s reportedly in line with the terms and conditions that were agreed upon in the contract.

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