VIDEO: Guangzhou midfielder hits the head of Gamba Osaka boss

The Asian Champions League has always been quite entertaining with the series of wonder goals and not-so-wonder goals, brilliant passes and great assists.

However, Guangzhou Evergrande might have gone a little too far with it as midfielder Huang Bowen lashed the ball at Gamba Osaka’s manager’s head during their intense match by accident.

Bowen smashed the ball out for a throw-in in an unusually urgent manner (some claimed maybe he was aiming for it- we wouldn’t know) and in the process, it unfortunately hit the head of the manager, Kenta Hasegawa.

Hasegawa was rather calm and it certainly amused the commentators and the viewers.

Now of course, this incident took place in October 2015, but the impeccable powers of the internet has brought it back to the limelight!

Here’s the clip:

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