Malaysia suffers second defeat vs Australia in Oceania Tour

The national hockey team were all set to gauge the standards of Australia in their second match during the Oceania Tour in Perth yesterday but luck was not on their side as the contingent once again was unable to erase their string of defeats.

Malaysia was defeated 0-5 by the Kookaburas in the second match whereas previously they were ousted 1-7 in the first match.

Despite the defeat, the Technical Director of the Malaysian Hockey Condeferation (MHC), Terry Walsh claimed that the squad show vast improvements compared to the first match.

“Malaysia was handed two corner penalty shots in the second half and one of them hit the pole,” said Walsh as quoted from Harian Metro.

“We allowed the opponents to score three goals and it could have been prevented.”

“No matter what, the players displayed a good performance. They were more confident in attacking and defending.”

“Though I have to admit, they still make mistakes in the crucial moments.”

Malaysia will play Australia again in their third and final match this Thursday.

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