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Ferrari-Mercedes rivalry will be intense in 2016 – Sebastian Vettel

The 2016 Formula One Season kick-starts this Sunday with the main race but practice sessions have already begun and qualifying rounds will take place tomorrow.
The new season will commence with the Australian Grand Prix as usual and sees lots of excitement considering there has been massive upgrades with the cars and technical aspects of the sport.

According to Sebastian Vettel, who scored third overall in last year’s driver’s championship and was the only non-Mercedes driver to have won a Grand Prix, Ferrari are prepared to go up by a gear this year.
 “What I do believe is that we can be closer in the race than we were in the last races of 2015,” said Vettel as during an interview with
“With 21 races the season is extremely long – if I am right the longest season ever – so we do have a bit of time should the start not be one hundred percent perfect. But of course I hope that we will give the fans good battles.”
“In an ideal world not wheel-to wheel but in front! But let’s stay grounded and see what the practice sessions bring. Then we all see a bit clearer,” he added.

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