Twitter destroys Man United after Europa League defeat to Liverpool

Oh Manchester United, where’s the glory you once had?

United’s hopes of a Europa League comeback were stripped off as soon as Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho knacked his brilliant solo goal to bring the match to its ultimate score of 1-1 and send the Red Devils shattered as Liverpool made their comfortable entrance to the last eight at Old Trafford just hours ago.

Jurgen Klopp’s men started the game with a two goal lead in aggregate after their first leg in Anfield but United’s hopes were raised when Anthony Martial perfectly nailed in penalty in the 32nd minute after he was fouled by Nathaniel Clyne.

As the decibels of the stadium continued to go up high with cheers for the goal, it quickly went back down Coutinho kicked his way past David De Gea near the post after tackling Gullermo Varela at ease.

Photo credits: The Guardian
Photo credits: The Guardian
Photo credits: The Guardians
Photo credits: The Guardian

What a disappointing night for United and managed Louis Van Gaal.

Fans were completely devastated and as always, Twitter was the best platform to express their emotions. Hashtags #GGMU, #YNWA, #MUFC, United, Liverpool and Coutinho have topped the Malaysian and worldwide trends since 4am and is still going strong even after hours.


Tough day indeed but even tougher season. Come on, United!

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