Twitter goes crazy as Lupe Fiasco reveals love for Tottenham Hotspur

People around the world unite for different reasons, be it music, sports, food or even equality. But when it comes to picking a team, there’s never unity!

I am absolutely positive that all of us have that one friend who supports your most hated team or rival and when the match starts, it almost feels like your friendship is suspended for 90 minutes.

In this case, fans of American rapper Lupe Fiasco were utterly appalled when he revealed that his favourite football team was none other than Tottenham Hotspur.

The rapper, known for his songs ‘The Show Goes On’ and ‘American Terrorist’, declared his love for the team through social media yesterday and fans all around the world had mixed reactions.

Here are some of the tweets we caught up with:

Seems like football is getting some recognition in the US.

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