VIDEO: Heineken plays the the perfect prank on AS Roma fan

Would you watch a UEFA Champions League match in a VIP box with complete strangers or on the couch at home with your best friends? This is The Dilemma by Heineken.

This is exactly what happened to lifelong AS Roma fan after he was offered a VIP ticket to the UEFA Champions League tie between AS Roma and Real Madrid at The Stadio Olimpico. Could this be too good to be true? Well, his best friends knew what he would do and decided to have a little fun with him — by playing the biggest prank he’ll ever face in his lifetime.

Simone Elleppi, who watches European games at home with Mauro, Marco and Federico, chose to leave his best friends behind to watch the game at the 70,000-seater stadium.

Photo Credit: Heineken
Photo Credit: Heineken

“I’ll just tell them I have malaria,” Simone joked to avoid letting his friends know the truth.

When Simone arrived at his seat in the VIP box, he was broadcasted live on the big screen and looked extremely surprised. His three friends were then shown on the big screen.

“What are you doing there?,” Mauro asked.

“Shall we tell the whole stadium? You betrayed us for a VIP ticket.”

Watch what happened next in Heineken’s The Dilemma.

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