VIDEO: Sony unveils PlayStation VR for PlayStation 4!

Sony has announce the release of their new product, the PlayStation VR in the Game Developers Conference, yesterday.

The PlayStation VR is a headset device that will provide its users with a new dimension to the already immersive virtual reality. Sony claims that the PlayStation VR represents a transformative experience in gaming, allowing users’ vision to be filled with computer-generated images or 360-degree views of stitched-together videos, which move as they tilt and angle their head, similar to the Oculus Rift.

Photo Credit: Sony PlayStation 4 official website
Photo Credit: Sony PlayStation 4 official website

The PlayStation VR comes with a Full HD resolution display per eye, at an astonishing 120 frames per second, which is two times more than the PlayStation 4 console itself. PlayStation VR is capable of rendering two different images simultaneously; one display for the headset and a completely different image for television. The purpose, Sony say, is to prevent VR from invariably being a solitary experience. It has a panel size of 5.7 inches, with an approximate  100 degrees viewing field. It also features an unwarped output to a TV, either for others to view what the headset wearer sees, or a separate display to compete against the headset user using a standard PS4 controller (DualShock 4).

More features in the video below:

The virtual reality device however, does require a PlayStation Eye to fully capitalize on its features which sadly, does not come bundled together with the PlayStation VR.

Sony has confirmed that up to 50 developers are already working on titles to be utilized with their new product, Star Wars: Battlefront VR and Tekken 7 being one of the many big titles to be released.

Sony confirmed that the PlayStation VR headset will be released later this October at a price US$399 (around RM1650) and it is also already made available for pre-orders.

More details regarding the release of the PlayStation VR in the video below:

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