Can Lee Chong Wei win the elusive Olympic gold in Rio?

The All England ended yesterday and former top seed Lin Dan managed to surprise everyone by winning his sixth title in Birmingham. The Chinese powerhouse proved that even at age 32, he can still produce stellar results and his sheer skill set is not at all diminished.

That brings us to this question: Will Chong Wei be able to win his first Olympic gold medal?

The 33 year-old has high hopes of triumphing in the Rio Olympics this August despite a shortfall in the All England. Lin Dan however, is also confident of a gold medal and has a much more stronger base to uplift his desires.

Photo credits: Telegraph
Photo credits: Telegraph

The Olympic bid will be a tough one for the national ace as China will always be a tough opponent, in contrast to potential threats Denmark and Japan.

With top players like Lin Dan, world number one Chen Long and Tian Houwei, can Chong Wei make his trip count? The Malaysian’s age is catching up and the chances of him participating in the next edition is barely reachable.

“If such results is made in several other major tournaments before the Olympics, I believe the competition in Rio would be open and there are no more dominant countries,” said former player Roslin Hashim as quoted from Harian Metro.

“All other countries have shown great improvement even though they presented their usual players, but the improvements are vast.”

“In a personal perspective, I can see Lin Dan is already in his best form. The Olympics this year could be his last one and no doubt he will be giving out his all to win a gold medal.”

Can Chong Wei beat the odds and bring Malaysia its first ever badminton gold medal?

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