Pahang secure Watford stints for Kogi and Dinesh

Despite being banned from M-League, M. Kogileswaran and R. Dinesh are in high spirits after being offered to train with English Premier League side Watford at the end of this month.

The initiative was carried out to ensure that the ex-Harimau Muda C duo will get a chance to gain exposure abroad before returning to the club when the transfer window opens in June.

According to Kogileswaran, 17, the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) Status Committee imposed certain restrictions after the tussle between the Football Association of Pahang (PBNP) and Frenz United and he accepted it with an open heart.

“Through that decision, I am not able to play for any team until the transfer window re-opens in June. I’m relieved, despite not being to play for Pahang, I will train with the Watford team.

“I want to improve my level with the Under-21 team there, and when I return to Malaysia, I will be prepared to play for Pahang,” M. Kogileswaran said as quoted by Harian Metro.

The ex-CIMB YFA youth product also said that his two-month stint in Watford will mean a lot even after training in Qatar in 2014 and Slovakia with the Harimau Muda C squad.

“I believe the training in Watford will provide an insight to the modern ways of football as well as high-intensity sessions, so it will be good for me. Hopefully, I can try my luck to attract interest to play for the club or get scouted by another team,” he added.

The 2-month stint with Watford was announced by ex-PNBP CEO Fahrizal Hassan on Twitter.


This is a good direction for Pahang FC. They are allowing two of their young talents to move to England for two months to train with one of the top sides in the English Premier League. The duo will learn the meaning of hard work of responsibility during their time there and will not take a single second for granted. Despite the Under-21 team performing poorly in their league in England, the ex-Harimau Muda C men will learn as much as they can and use it to their advantage when they get back to Malaysia. M. Kogileswaran is a gem of a player. He is extremely strong for a 17 year-old, has great touches and can outrun any defender. If he brings his A-Game to Hertfordshire, he will definitely impress the coaches there. Pahang FC also benefits from this as well, if they manage to stay in the M-League this season. However, if they do survive or get relegated in the end, The Elephants can start fresh next season by signing the right players and implementing a system that will fit them, Kogileswaran and Dinesh in the squad.

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