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F1 supremo counting on Ferrari and Red Bull to reignite excitement

F1 supremo, Bernie Ecclestone is hoping for Ferrari and Red Bull to reignite the excitement within Formula One this season, to compete with Mercedes’ dominance over the last two years.

The German manufacturers have won the constructor’s and driver’s championship title over the last two years, also claiming a total of 32 Grand Prix wins.

But Bernie is now hoping to see Ferrari bounce back, judging by their pre-season pace, and hopefully have Red Bull join them in challenging Mercedes for both titles in 2016.

“The bottom line is a simple one, I’m hoping upon hope Ferrari get back to where Ferrari should be, which is challenging for the world championship, and the same with Red Bull,” Bernie told during the Australian Grand Prix official podcast.

“It depends an awful lot on how Ferrari perform.

“If they don’t show they can win the championship, unfortunately, or fortunately depending on where you are, we’re going to have a Mercedes dominating again.

“Having said that, maybe Nico, after three wins (at the end of) last year, he’s going to be in form.

“Maybe he has suddenly got a bit more confidence in himself, so let’s see.

“If those two (Hamilton and Rosberg) are challenging each other, it will be good.”


He’s got a valid point. Formula One’s excitement lies in the competition, and without any, it becomes rather stale. Take nothing away from Mercedes, they were brilliant over the last 24 months. But Ferrari’s pre-season pace as well as Red Bull positive signs can only be good for the sport as a whole. As much as the Rosberg-Hamilton rivalry is value for proper entertainment, we’re pretty sure that everyone would be looking forward to seeing Vettel and Raikkonen challenge them as well.

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