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Radio clampdown to heat up Rosberg-Hamilton rivalry?

Thanks to the tougher restrictions on team-to-driver radio communication, Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Chief, Toto Wolff expects to see the rivalry between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton heat up.

The stricter restriction forbids the team from providing tips and strategies relating to their own performance or even details of others, including teammate, following on from a clampdown last season.  This means that the drivers will be racing on the course without any help from their crew whatsoever.

“There is much less information and data being provided to the drivers during the races – on engine modes, on tyres and strategies,” Wolff told

“So the natural outcome of these regulation changes is that it will be again much more down to the drivers to take decisions.”

“That means that the direct competition between the two is guaranteed and will be more intense.”

“Of course this is still a team and neither we nor the drivers will opt for a decision which could jeopardize the team’s reputation or the team’s performance,” the 44-year old added.


The only reason for the introduction of this restriction is to make the drivers ‘heroes’ again. Before the clampdown idea was initiated, drivers were being heavily aided by their crew, giving them tips and strategies about their own performance as well as other drivers on the course. However, with the radio clampdown, the drivers will need to handle everything on their own, from the performance of their vehicle to the performance of the other racers. This should be able to rekindle the enthusiasm and excitement of the racers on the course. As far as the Hamilton-Rosberg rivalry is concerned, it should only entertain fans a lot more in 2016!

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