VIDEO: ‘Wolverine’ gets hit in the groin while playing cricket

Hugh Jackman, widely known around the globe for playing Wolverine in Marvel’s X-Men series, made an appearance on TV in 2010 during a broadcast segment of the Ashes Test cricket series.

In the segment, Jackman bats out against former Australian international cricketer, Shane Warne. Jackman, having admitted that it was his lifelong dream to bat against the professional cricketer, had his dream finally fulfilled.

Progressing through the segment, the he made what is called a wrong’un – spinning the ball in the opposite direction to a leg-spinner, forcing the ball to hit Jackman’s groin as soon as he bats the ball. Jackman instantly doubles over.

You can watch it happening below!

“I didn’t pick it,” Jackman reacted in pain but in laughter.

“Don’t rub’em, count’em,” Warne responded.

Before that, Jackman also told Warne to “watch the eye, mate”, as he was still recovering from an eye injury he picked up during a show Oprah Winfrey hosted in.

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