Datuk Vida irked by Kelantan’s lack of goals

K. Devan’s position as Kelantan head coach is hanging on a thread after Datuk Seri Dr Hasmiza Othman (Dr Vida) questioned his team’s performance against UKM FC on Saturday.

According to Dr Vida, Pamoga Qu Puteh The Red Warriors (PQPTRW) have failed to reach the board’s targets and expectations which were placed on the shoulders of Devan and his staff.

Dr Vida’s decision to upload a photo of ex-Kelantan coach Bojan Hodak on Instagram raised a few questions among the PQPTRW fan base.

However, it remains uncertain if Hodak will return to Kelantan or not, because Dr Vida wants to find the root of K. Devan’s problems as they have not been scoring many goals in recent games.

“This is just the beginning. We are looking more into this. The ‘cliché reason’ that the foreigners need more time will not be accepted,” Dr Vida mentioned to Berita Harian.

“They (foreign players) are professionals and there should be no excuse. The local players have been playing well.

“The game (against UKM FC) ended 1-0, how would you feel? Were the players too optimistic? Was Devan overconfident? Were UKM aggressive? Do not involve Bojan because we have to solve this issue first and learn from it,” she added.

Kelantan have played three games this season (two league, one FA Cup) and only scored two goals. Their first game was a goalless draw away to Perak and won their next two games 1-0 to PDRM and the university team of UKM FC.

Terengganu head coach Ahmad Yusoff has been ordered ‘rest’ for a couple of matches due to a poor run of results. Could K. Devan be next?

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