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“My goal wasn’t a ‘lucky’ attempt” – Penang forward Faiz Subri

A Malaysian could very well grace the FIFA Ballon d’Or ceremony next year after Faiz Subri scored an astounding free-kick attempt last night.

But while the moment is being savoured all around the globe in the form of short Twitter videos as well as gifs that are rolling through Reddit, the man himself wasn’t surprised at the fact that he pulled it off.

In fact, Faiz claims that it was a product of his efforts during training sessions, where he’d usually practice taking free-kicks by himself.

“I always train in free kicks as a striker. Sometimes the shots are good and sometimes they are not.

“When I had the ball last night, my every intention was to make the shot and score,” he told a press conference called by the Football Association of Penang (FAP) this evening.

Within hours after scoring last night, videos of his goal caught the attention of major media giants from all over the globe. Predictably, it drew plenty of comparisons with Roberto Carlos’ banana kick attempts, but Faiz was very humble when quizzed about it.

“Roberto Carlos is a legend … it is not right to compare,” he said.

In case you missed it, here’s the video of that goal.


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