VIDEO: Penang’s Faiz Subri scores outrageous free-kick vs Pahang

No one will score a better goal in the MSL this year, hands down.

Penang FA’s Faiz Subri produced a moment of absolute brilliance in their 4-1 route over Pahang earlier today – one that will undoubtedly be etched in Malaysian football history.

Malaysian football has often received flak for not being ‘entertaining enough’ but Faiz’s incredible attempt certainly proves otherwise. Having scored his side’s first goal on the 3rd minute of the game (even this was an excellent finish), the highly-rated forward unleashed a Roberto Carlos-esque free-kick attempt midway through the second half, leaving Nasril Nourdin helpless in between Pahang’s sticks.

It must be said that the finish had incredible amount of swerve on it, which isn’t easy to execute. Candidate for the FIFA Puskas Award perhaps? Check the goal out below!


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