Danny Chia focused on Rio aspirations

Malaysian golfer Danny Chia is aiming big as he intends to use the Maybank Championship Malaysia as a springboard to potentially qualify for the Rio Olympics.

“Ultimately, my main focus for this year is to try my level best to qualify for the Rio Olympics,” Danny was quoted as saying by Harian Metro.

“There are at least 13-14 competitions that I am eligible to compete in before the qualifying session ends this July.

“However, I will only take part in selected competitions based on my ability to do well in those competitions and collect enough points to qualify for the Olympics.

“When I am not taking part in any competitions, I will use that time to train instead of participating in other competitions and exhausting myself.

Only 60 golfers will compete in Rio, and as of now, Danny’s chances look relatively bright as he’s ranked 53rd on the qualifying list.

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